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The Poznanski Palace is an exceptional residence from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries which belonged to the industrial bourgeoisie of that time. If one wants to enjoy the atmosphere of luxury and wealth of that period, he or she needs to look in all corners of the palace. You can come across the traces of great Lodz’s citizens, admire unique works of art and sophisticated practical objects during your trip. The long story about history and culture of the city and its outstanding inhabitants connected with music, literature, theatre and painting starts at this point.

The exhibition of the Museum of the City of Lodz in the Poznanski Palace consists of: the exhibition design From the history of Lodz. History, culture, everyday, fixed deposit The Polish Masters Gallery. Painting, drawing, sculpture from the collection of Krzysztof Musial and some temporary exhibitions. On the trail of historical hike, one cannot also forget about exhibitions shown in the Museum’s departments that are those in the Museum of Sports and Tourism ( From the history of sport in Lodz, The greatest achievements of Lodz’s athletes, Citizens of Lodz in the Olympics), in the Department of the Cultures and Religious Traditions (Catholic Lodz – Church against the background of city’s history) and in the first in Poland Museum of the Canal.

A stroll around the palace can be started from the underground, where the historical exhibition The Triad of Lodz – the three great communities: Poles, Germans, Jews is found.

It enters into the composition of the project From the history of Lodz. History, culture, everyday and introduces the specificity of ”Polish Manchester” – its culture, architecture and items connected with emergence and development of the city from its beginnings to World War II. The great part of the project are historic halls with their décor, including furniture used by the rich citizens of Lodz in the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century, coming from the old interiors of residences and other palaces, villas and apartments. If you want to get to know the history of Lodz, you should take a walk in the Strolling Garden, visit the Office of Poznanski, know the profiles of Jan Karski, Wladyslaw Reymont, Julian Tuwim, Karl Dedecius, Aleksander Tansman and Arthur Rubinstein, whose offices were arranged in a series of exhibitions Pantheon of Great Citizens of Lodz (the last two exhibitions constitute Arthur Rubinstein’s Music Gallery). The works of art decoring the Palace’s interiors that cannot be ommited, are Painting of Jewish artists from the collection of David Malek. After the knowledge injection given to visitors with the exhibition design The history of the city - history, culture, everyday, one can eat something in the cosy interiors of Retro Café.

After the coffee break, the stroll may be continued with going to the side wing of the Poznanski Palace. An exceptional exhibition room, where permanent exhibition The Polish Masters Gallery. Painting, drawing, sculpture from Krzysztof Musial’s collection is shown, can be found there. It includes 125 works of Polish modern art by the most prominent artists i.e. Olga Boznanska, Leon Chwistek, Jacek Malczewski, Joseph Mehoffer or Stanislaw Wyspianski. The works, carried out between 1846 and 1945, were handed over to the Museum in long-term deposit by Krzysztof Musial – a patron of culture and art collector. Grouped in 15 thematic sequences, paintings, sculptures and drawings introduce the most important styles, directions and trends, appearing in European art of the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century

The result of the  Museum of the City of Lodz’s factual workers’ activity are also temporary exhibitions, shown in two-level Gallery of Lodz, in the hall and in the space, specially designed for these purposes, separated in the Polish Masters Gallery. Regularly changing exhibitions characterize thematic and formal diversity. The Museum makes sure that every visit to the Palace at Ogrodowa Street was exceptional and surprising.


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